You have very wonderful blog! Thanks a lot! Keep posting.
11.Jeanie Blaske(non-registered)
I love #3. The bridge the boats and the buildings are full of the colors of Italy. I love it! !
10.Leslee Lukosh(non-registered)
LeeAnn, I adore the Cuban muses and I know my beloved spouse will love them as well (when he opens his present!). Your work speaks to my soul. Thank you so much!
9.Quin Sweetman, Painter(non-registered)
Your Seeing Eye Car is my favorite. It captures the essence of our Cuba adventure!

Quin Sweetman, quinsweetman.com
8.Brandon B, tender(non-registered)
Chevy Chic is my favorite!
7.Bill Failing(non-registered)
Sipping in Skidmore caught my interest immediately because the fountain has personal meaning to me as a tribute to my [great] grand-Uncle’s close friend Stephen Skidmore. Skidmore was a Portland druggist who willed this public art to the city to hydrate men, horses and dogs. The memorial fountain concept began when Henry Failing approached C.E.S. Wood to find an exceptional sculptor. As a result, this fountain was designed by Olin Levi Warner. I love the juxtaposition of the mounted police with the modern MAX train. LeeAnn presented her Polaroid transfer in the perfect bronze antiqued frame. I cherish this piece.

Bill Failing
Capital Campaign Chair at Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation
OHS Board member
5.Peter Rockwell(non-registered)
Thank you for the colorful visuals and hosting the event at Bridge City Counseling. Favorites of mine are Bumper Crop (photo fusion) and Reflection. They're awesome!
4.Chris Bille(non-registered)
I own two works by LeeAnn and they both occupy prominent space on my walls. She has a gift for evoking strong emotions, an exquisite sense of form and color, an unquenchable adventurousness and a sly, understated wit. The result is a continual source of surprise and delight for those of us lucky enough to be part of her audience.
3.Jeannine Edelblut(non-registered)
LeeAnn's work is full of joy and magic. It is the work of a person with a big heart and an eye for beauty in every aspect of our world. And since I know her personally, I can say that the person behind the camera is an impeccable friend with a great sense of humor. For business relationships LeeAnn can be trusted with confidence because she is a person of integrity.
1.Studio Gauthier
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
“LeeAnn is a terrific photographer with a great eye and she knows how to get the perfect event shot. She either jumps right in and helps coax a fun photo, or she is a chameleon and just does her thing. A photo from LeeAnn is a valued treasure, whether it's in the event section, or in your living room...and I don't even like photos of me! Go LeeAnn!”
--Shannon Grosswiler Mann
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