Studio Gauthier: Blog en-us (C) LeeAnn Gauthier [email protected] (Studio Gauthier) Tue, 07 May 2024 05:18:00 GMT Tue, 07 May 2024 05:18:00 GMT Studio Gauthier: Blog 120 65 @AstoriaDowntown Celebrating Liberty Theater's 99th Anniversary with the Ne Plus Ultra Jass Orchestra -- greatly enjoyed the animated conductor. Dressing up my Tshirt date in 20s garb required assistance of the consignment store septuagenerian. Liberty provided all got sippy cups to protect the new carpet, part of the $6 million renovation.

   Second Saturdays in Astoria are a roar!! All new art in the galleries, bike up the boardwalk to the cannery museum on Pier 39, ride the trolley, free breakfast at the Atomic Motel or the Riverwalk Inn. Climb the Astoria column, take a selfie at the Film Museum, taste absinthe at Pilot House Distilling, eat a bit of creole at the Silver Salmon Grille 

   Sing karaoke at the salty Portway Inn!! They have a new menu. Semi-cheap breakfast or late night (close at 3 am) cocktails at LaborTemple.

 Proudly, my submission made the top 8 in a furious jury. More proudly, I contacted my former Jewish Review editor, Paul Haist, who won the best "View" category with a nicer submission.

   Contest winners showing at the Second Saturday opening at Sleeper Coffee Cafe, 1332 Commercial ST., Saturday May 11 from noon - 8pm. with live music by Sapsucker from 6-8 pm. I may end up picking up my art June 8th since I was just there 2 weeks ago.

2024_04 Liberty Theater exterior2024_04 Liberty Theater exterior 2024_04 Liberty Theater Golden era of theater 19252024_04 Liberty Theater exteriorDressing 20s style. Thanks to @ElizaRohloff for the headband and the top.Thank you to Christina Britton for the Skirt, and minkies grew up at Albertina Kerr Center. 2024_04 Liberty Theater Golden era of theater 19252024_04 Liberty Theater exteriorDressing 20s style. Thanks to @ElizaRohloff for the headband and the top.Thank you to Christina Britton for the Skirt, and minkies grew up at Albertina Kerr Center. 2024_04 Liberty Theater Golden era of theater 19252024_04 Liberty Theater exteriorDressing 20s style. Thanks to @ElizaRohloff for the headband and the top.Thank you to Christina Britton for the Skirt, and minkies grew up at Albertina Kerr Center. 2024_04 Liberty Theater Golden era of theater 19252024_04 Liberty Theater exteriorDressing 20s style. Thanks to @ElizaRohloff for the headband and the top.Thank you to Christina Britton for the Skirt, and minkies grew up at Albertina Kerr Center.

2024_04 Liberty Theater Golden era of theater 19252024_04 Liberty Theater exteriorDressing 20s style. Thanks to @ElizaRohloff for the headband and the top.Thank you to Christina Britton for the Skirt, and minkies grew up at Albertina Kerr Center. ... 


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Alchemy Tintype portrait  UrbanitePDX, a great antique mall on SE Grand at Yamhill St. in Portland, hosted a holiday popup. So I popped on my vintage minkies to sit for Alchemy Tintype studio. The technology makes a resurgence every 120 years -- as I now print my car images on aluminum.

  Ashley Jennings braved the horrendous chemical stench wearing a respirator. She expected my red top to appear black in results. The results are fun. Look her up at or Insta @alchemytintypestudio. She works at Blue Moon Camera which processes and prints analog film in St Johns. Blue Moon Camera is crazy busy.

2022 Tintype LeeAnn by Alchemy Tintype2022 Tintype LeeAnn by Alchemy Tintype

[email protected] (Studio Gauthier) alchemy tintype studio analog camera analog film portland photographer studio portrait portland tintype in portland Fri, 23 Dec 2022 20:45:13 GMT
Belmont Street Fair 2022 France_Carcassonne Carousel-wFrance_Carcassonne Carousel-w

  Thanks to a booth sponsored by the generous Great Jones NW (fine decor rentals for weddings and corp events), my art fair booth at 2022 Belmont Street Fair, the above double-decker carousel (Carcassonne, FR) image found a new home. Printed from a transparency, the best quality out there.

  Fair attendance was sapped due to Oregon fires, smoke and heavy winds.  But we endured!

Thank you to the 164 vendors who made our event a huge success!

Thanks to paralegals Jennifer & David who purchased my linoleum block print for their Chown Pella Loft!


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Acceptance Cascade Aids Project has hosted the premier art auction in Oregon for decades. I used to photograph it for The Oregonian and later with Team Photogenic.

Many established artists and myself are rejected due to limits on the numbers of art pieces they can accept. But this year, my "Raining Sweets" (Il Pleut du Sucre) was accepted!! This means I am a successful artist.

So many very abstract/angry pieces in the auction, a few dicks thrown in to keep male power alive. View the original local art auction at You can find mine using search field and type SUCRE. The event is April 9, 2022 at the new Hyatt Regency on  NE Holladay St.- an exciting new venue!

 The entertainment is often the hilarious Poison Waters' crew and top rated dancers. The food is fully donated by generous local bars and restaurants for at least 20 years.

[email protected] (Studio Gauthier) AIDS Art Auction CAP Cascade fundraiser original Portland Project Sat, 05 Mar 2022 02:15:33 GMT
Sexy art at the Emerald Line My vintage gold wood frames with Portland nightscape and nudey statues of Cuba adorn the men's room (open to ALL genders) of Sheila Baraga and Jacq Lopez's new entity: The Emerald Line! My photo transfer of Muses is on a bamboo board for $225.

Their New Year's Eve event "2020 Vision" features 3 live bands: Ados and 2 others (one has "Flying" in their name). Just $10 cover charge.

  I love their bread and olive oil. The tomato bisque gets high marks from Maura. Happy hour is 4-7 pm and features $5 wine, mimosas and draft beer. The liquor license arrives on Jan 1, 2020.

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Catacomb art at Remax through Nov 8, 2019 ReMax Equity is hosting their 9th annual fundraiser art exhibit. Community Warehouse receives 30% of sales and I managed the miracle of selling 2 original photo transfers at the opening reception! ReMax keeps the buyer's name confidential -- which is utterly magically obnoxious for artists who send thank you notes! But super sleuth LeeAnn talked to enough artists to deduce that musician/photographer Jim Abrahamson's wife bought my Blue Plymouth from Havana! 

  My favorite Musical Gin went to a mystery buyer's home or mancave.

My Cuban art is available now on the 2nd floor in the center hallway:

    Princess Fowl, a mural of a contemporary bird with a splash of zingy blue in Havana

    Muses  - amazing vintage frame - this is to die for!

    Climbing Catacombs is an original photo transfer under encaustic shown here is on an 11"x14" stretched canvas. Our tour of Parisian Catacombs included a 2-mile underground hike. I then composited the skulls onto painter Jeanine's stone garage with grape vines for the oenophiles of Oregon. The grape cluster in the skull's eye is my pièce de résistance! Enjoy!


[email protected] (Studio Gauthier) art artists buy fine gift grapevines in macabre oenophile original photo photographs Portland Skull transfer wine Thu, 17 Oct 2019 19:18:45 GMT
City Slicker You are invited to my art exhibit on Hawthorne which offers great brunch and waffle window options. Closes 3 pm on Monday, Jan. 14, 2019. 


LeeAnn Gauthier, City Slicker

December 3, 2018 - January 13, 2019


Bread and Ink Cafe

3610 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

Portland OR 97214



Mon-Thu: 8 am - 8:30 pm

Fri-Sat: 8 am - 9:30 pm

Sun: 8 am - 8:30 pm

SE PORTLAND - Studio Gauthier presents a portfolio of cityscapes and explorations. LeeAnn is an urban adventuress who rarely visits Andrew Wyeth's grassy knoll or Ansel Adams' majestic parks. As the mid-'90s photographer/lab tech aboard The Love Boat, she had 3 hours and very long legs to explore the rustic fishing ports of Alaska. Skagway was a favorite for their jazzy 1920s vintage cabs. Carporn from Cuba shot with a Lensbaby included for the other four gearheads in Portland.

As a member of the Architectural Heritage Center, she seeks beauty in texture, reflection and design - such as Yamhill Glistens (shown here). She is sadly addicted to her Etsy shop and aspires to get more than 20 likes on Instagram.

Moving from a 2-person 6'x12' cruiseship cabin to Buckman in 1996, she volunteers as the Board Treasurer for the Belmont Area Business Association ( You're invited to our monthly meetings on second Thursdays (9-10:30 am) at the Historic Belmont Firehouse.


LeeAnn Gauthier


check out stylish pillow covers at

IG: Studio.Gauthier


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Montmartre is for lovers Keywording is crucial. I am so frustrated with the millions of Instagram posts that don't even list a country/city. What is the point?

I made an exciting sale last week of an accordionist performing in Montmartre. As a retired photojournalist, I keyword my online photos --  allowing Karla Mi Lugo's parents to find their daughter's image and purchase it. Karla is performing with Emergency Circus to bring joy to a hurricane devastated San Juan, Puerto Rico. The consummate performer -- she sings, whistles and plays instruments.

More travelscapes and pillow covers at

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Photo retouching Portland Photographer LeeAnn Gauthier is studying the skin smoothing in Photoshop. Talk to me for a simple studio portrait. We had so much FUN with our fellow Michigan native: Voice instructor and opera singer, Sharayaha Guy!

Visit me at the glorious Italian Rennaissance Revival Customs House in January 2018. It's an architectural feat - I'll do some photos on Sunday, January 21. Tell me your ideas ([email protected]).

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Class of 2018 senior portraits Hello Class of 2018! We love to take yoou outdoors/urban landscape for yearbook portraits. Bring solid color clothes. Schedule now. Rates start at $150.

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Wells and Verne hosts Goth art Portland's GREATEST steampunk store:

Wells and Verne

734 E Burnside

features art by John Donald Carlucci and LeeAnn Gauthier. Southeast Portland normally hosts a First Friday art walk. The threat of snow postponed this particular First Friday. Hence the  opening reception is Friday, February 10, 2017 (6-9 pm). Enjoy pastries and great art.

I truly recommend the genius jewelry, "Bad Penny" metallic lipsticks, Trixie and Milo flasks, and black glass decanturs etched with skulls.

LeeAnn makes photo transfers that are covered with encaustic. The wax is hardened using damar crystals. I paint onto canvas or boards. Two B&W gargoyle images were featured in #TheBig500 show. The Mucha Cocktail was photographed at Bathtub Gin Company in a DARK alley of Seattle. "Damsel's Emerald Journey" depicts vixen in Carnival mask at Damsels in this Dress; the artist added a sepia nautical map from SCRAP.

[email protected] (Studio Gauthier) Fine Art show Wells and Verne art reception goth gifts gothic photos original art steampunk art steampunk shop in Portland Wed, 08 Feb 2017 02:38:31 GMT
Class of 2017 senior portraits Hello Class of 2017! We love to take you to a naturescape or urban landscape for yearbook portraits. Bring solid color clothes. Schedule now. Yearbook deadline is near Oct 13.

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ArtFlash     Success is sweet when you sell a dessert-lover's photo transfer under beeswax titled "Macaron Tower" (Najac, France) at the prestigious Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts.  I feel like a million bucks! Despite the venue earning more than I did with their $35 entry fee + 40% commission. My friend Jeannine's painting won a blue ribbon and $100 prize. 
    I can create another macaron tower, or enjoy antiqued "Jazz Macarons" baked by Vibrant Table. Many thanks to caterer Kurt Beadell for buying my Casa Mila art that I donated to Cascade AIDS Project Art Auction.
     Please say a prayer that the City of Seattle buys one of my water themed entries.
    I spent Friday with the gorgeous actors on the set of the TV Show, Librarians. My two friends build their sets. The staff is HUGE.  Rebecca Romijn had her makeup retouched every 8-12 minutes, while Noah Wyle's hair was smudged upward every 20 minutes. And yes, I like Christian Kane with short hair (shock!!). Seventy extras sat, waited in eternal silence while cameras rolled for one airport scene that shot from 0730 to 2100 (overtime is de rigueur in this biz).
    I cannot figure out WHY actors enjoy a tedious 6-8 hours shooting a 3-minute scene.
[email protected] (Studio Gauthier) #Artist #FineArt #FoodArt #Macarons #PortlandArtist #SepiaArt Fine Art Food Art Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts Macaron photo Portland artist LeeAnn Gauthier Sepia art Wed, 29 Jun 2016 16:35:39 GMT
Corporate Portraits Portland Photographer, @StudioGauthier discovered a classic marble staircase that is PERFECT for bouncing light onto your professional staff. Zimmer Family Law helps you with divorce, child support, custody and guardianships.  Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation find it so simple when I bring my studio kit to their board meeting because it steps the scheduling steps for 25-30 people.

My studio lights make you look ten years younger and richer!

unrelated topic: What will happen to the unstable Multnomah County Courthouse's marble stairs?

Book your session now. Rates start at $175.

[email protected] (Studio Gauthier) Corporate headshots Oregon photographer Photograph our staff Portland Photographer Portrait Photographer nonprofit photographer Wed, 29 Jun 2016 16:13:34 GMT
Studio Portraits: office or board meeting Studio Gauthier is now available to bring our studio lighting to your office or board meeting to photograph everyone in one easy seating. You select your favorite two images on the spot and receive a DVD of retouched images within two weeks.

Call to book your appointment now.


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Denny Crane does Portland William Shatner (TJ Hooker, Star Trek, Boston Legal), the stellar star who travels all galaxies, highlights the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland's annual gala on November 14, 2015.     Tickets $75

Studio Gauthier will photograph this event, as we've done three prior galas (we loved Boston comedian Gary Gulman). Our assistant is a Shatner doppelganger.



[email protected] (Studio Gauthier) Boston Legal Jewish Federation gala Star Trek Studio Gauthier William Shatner in Portland OR Wed, 07 Oct 2015 16:23:24 GMT
Sizzling Summer Sale To celebrate the sun bringing us that needed Vitamin D, please use code FLAMINGO for 20% off any art purchase over $20.

Let me know if your local coffee shop shows art. I have a vast selection of framed images of Cuban streetscapes, waterscapes, fun fish and colorful landscapes.

[email protected] (Studio Gauthier) Fine Portland art artist code coupon sale Wed, 19 Aug 2015 19:26:13 GMT
Taste of Art -Boulder, CO The Dairy Center for the Arts received over 600 entries from artists nationwide to their call for Food themed art.  Juror Mary Horrocks selected three of my pieces from the talented artists applying to Taste of Art in Boulder, CO. This dazzling exhibit opens with a Jazz Festival on Saturday, June 20, 2015.

If you're in the Denver area, be sure to stop by The Dairy Center for the Arts.

I've also added new throw pillows and shower curtains to my Etsy shop, so please peruse those.


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Portland Photographer showing in Astoria This Saturday is the opening of the PDX40 juried by creative genius Blue Mitchell, founder of Diffusion Magazine. Come out for a 2nd Saturday art walk and a bit of wine at the sensory stimulating LightBox Photographic Gallery.

I've entered Bumper Crop, a magical blending of a rusty classic car and some glorious coral mums.

Enjoy my press release and a bit of Lawrence Welk.

Next month, we are covering the Tucker Maxon Oral School auction to submit to the beloved Oregonian.

[email protected] (Studio Gauthier) Orange Portland art car fine in mums photographer portland rusty Sat, 11 Apr 2015 02:54:19 GMT
SnowCap Community Charity dinner Auction Please join us for a rousing dessert dash Saturday, March 14, 2015 to support this east county food pantry. snowCap Community Charities was

founded in 1967. They serve 53,000 people per year with 1,199,388 lbs of food (2014).

This year's special plea will fill a need for diapers.


Dinner is just $65.  Tickets at:

[email protected] (Studio Gauthier) Wed, 04 Mar 2015 05:32:15 GMT
Rain or Shine SE Division With the impeccable eye of Madame Rohloff, we surpassed all odds & cheap hanging accoutrements to mount this fabulous art show at:

Rain or Shine Coffee

5941 SE Division St.

Weekdays 6 am - 6 pm / weekends 7-6pm. They make an excellent lavender latte or cardamom latte

Show closes February 9. If you'd like to meet me at 6 pm to take the show down on Monday, Feb. 9, you can get 25% off any art (in this show or online).

Great Cuban streetscapes, vivid/sharp images on aluminum and one profound French landscape by oil painter

If you'd like to meet the artist, just invite me for a latte.  Don't miss the newest curios in my tantalizing Etsy Shop or ask me how to get 40 free listings for your new Etsy shop - the world's largest arts, crafts & vintage market.

The image shown here is a Cuban Plymouth made via photo transfer, then coated in beeswax (God save the bees!).


[email protected] (Studio Gauthier) Lavender latte Portland coffeeshop SE Division St. art by LeeAnn Gauthier artist LeeAnn Gauthier Sun, 18 Jan 2015 21:41:39 GMT
Art Show at Lan Su Chinese Garden (December 2014) LeeAnn and all the artist members are showing some amazing orange Mums photographed at the Chinese Garden during February 2014's snow storm. The orange shades of fall will work well in your home.

Artist member exhibit runs Dec. 1- 31, 2014.

Artist memberships run $140 to have legal rights to sell imagery made at the Lan Su Chinese Garden at NW 3rd Ave and Everett Street.

Hours: 10 am - 5 pm, 7 days per week

Closed Christmas

Built by Chinese artisans from our sister city Suzhou (home of China's famous ancient gardens), it's among the most authentic Chinese gardens outside of China. Much more than just a beautiful garden, Lan Su is a creative wonder -- a powerfully inspiring experience based on a 2,000-year-old Chinese tradition that melds art, architecture, design and nature in perfect harmony.

[email protected] (Studio Gauthier) Chinese Garden Portland Portland's art decor garden home show Tue, 16 Dec 2014 17:39:46 GMT
October Raffle winner Thank you to all who left guestbook comments and "shared" my images on Facebook as part of my October promotion. The winner of a free 8x10" fine art print is

Buzz Siler - a great painter of female portraits

Congratulations!! We visited Buzz's studio in Paris in September when getting these great new images. Check out the Venetian sunsets and rainbows of Burano.

December art show

I'm working on printing and framing Mumgate and other flying persimmons for the December show at Lan Su Chinese Garden. Contact me for a free ticket if you'd like to visit the garden in that very peaceful month. The tea shop is always cozy and offers a nice overhead view. Contact me at [email protected] to get your ticket. The garden is open late on First Thursday and is free to all from 5-7 p.m. DSC01177 angel wing daisies ¬©StudioGauthierDSC01177 angel wing daisies ©StudioGauthier

[email protected] (Studio Gauthier) Wed, 05 Nov 2014 07:07:22 GMT
Bridge City Counseling - June show Thank you to Nate & Bridge City Counseling for hosting my Artful Oxidation exhibit May & June, 2014. We had a great time.

It was fun to see Christina, Grace, ElizaBeth, Phuntsok.  Susan even brought a virgin art friend, and many great purchases were made. Laura & Josh brought Elmer. Bill Failing purchased an antiqued polaroid transfer of Skimore Fountain and wrote a historically accurate review.



[email protected] (Studio Gauthier) Wed, 05 Nov 2014 06:58:54 GMT
Scene & Heard at Blondie: A Salon Blondie: A Salon proved harder to find than I thought since no one followed that I used "Speakeasy Salon" as the title for an art exhibit at a hard-to-find hair salon. Salon is a term used way back to mean art exhibit -- a style of hanging art in plentitude.

However, we had a GREAT turnout!

Christina Britton's art collection expanded as she snapped up the fresh painterly Bumper Crop AND  Vegas Gold!

Tiffany Ruth glowed as she frolicked off with Princess Fowl for her fancy Victorian abode.

  • V, from Visual Producers, directed some mirrored images then pressed on to meet his next lucky client
  • Former Oregonian staffers: Connie Newton & Fred Joe. Fred just photographed Larry Hagman and the Emmys.
  • Plenty of painters: Suzy Kitman  -- visit her work at Visage Eyewear in the Pearl district this month
    • Quin Sweetman - master of soft, moody portraits
    • Christopher Mooney -- he's in the Rental Sales Gallery spring show on April 18
    • Mason Parker (we love his octopus chandelier! His gorgeous watercolor cards are at Flower Temple by Audrey),
    • Encaustic master/portait artist Bill Rollins who fundraises with my favorite group - the Oregon Lions. Bill has a long history in Portland retail and was a member at Talisman Gallery on Alberta until it closed

Kea Chiang overheard Buckman Mayor Sheila Baraga be approached by a gritty rock star who asked "Are you married?" When [matchmaker] Sheila replied "No," rockstar became so flustered that he could do nothing shy of walk away confused by her rare reply.

We saw kitschy photos of the colorful vintage radios being refurbished by Kea's husband who is launching Retro Radio Farm. Randy delighted all with his lovely sax music. We still need a name for the mink hat by Elizabeth Rohloff. We like "Fido."

This show is up all of April 2014. The hours are a bit spotty -- 11-3 weekdays and 8-1 on Saturdays. It's well worth the walk!

Blondie: A Salon is at 1225 SW Alder. Loo for white lettering in the window, as it is hard to find, but well worth the hunt!


  Next month we are showing at Hawthorne near 7th.

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Bio by Wolford LeeAnn Gauthier is an American photographer and artist living in Portland Oregon. Gauthier is known for her works that accentuate and further reveal the intrinsic qualities of subjects with creative light compositions. 

Raised in Saginaw Michigan, and spending considerable time in the Tri-Cities area and on the waters of nearby Lake Huron, Gauthier began to display both generative and reflective creativity in her mid-adolescence.  After a relatively idyllic childhood and conventional undergraduate education,  she soon took to camera assignments. After a few projects close to home, she came under the employ of a cruise line and signed on as ship photographer.  She found that though the setting was less than ideal, the work and the frequent travel suited her desire to experience and document a world of constant change.  After leaving the cruise ship, and resettling to the Pacific Northwest, Gauthier soon found herself immersed in the region's almost inexhaustible supply of new projects.

Gautheir's expanding body of work has been characterized by a relentless drive to produce in her exhaustive explorations of new approaches.  Those close to her intimate that as a passionate and tireless student of the art, Gauthier is notorious for being heedless of her own health, ever-searching for for new ways to enrich her life, and reportedly often unable to find rest even when not actively pursuing a project.

Famously guarded about sharing information about her private life, in past interviews, Gauthier has indicated that the events of her personal life closely mirror the ever fluctuating motions of the artistic life.  Without going into great detail, she explained that she lives with frequent transitions, and that she has experienced "precious successes and great disappointments on both ends of life's spectrum."

[email protected] (Studio Gauthier) Sun, 19 Jan 2014 05:27:59 GMT
purple 50s car by Studio Gauthier


Astoria, OR


[email protected] (Studio Gauthier) 50s car classic cruiser purple Sat, 21 Dec 2013 04:41:16 GMT
Families visiting college students The UP families were so appreciative of our simple walk-through photo booth that created stellar family portraits that I'd love to find more colleges outside of Portland who host families for a weekend. Please share any information you have.

LeeAnn Gauthier

[email protected]

[email protected] (Studio Gauthier) Wed, 13 Nov 2013 19:48:13 GMT
College campus visits  I so enjoyed meeting & photographing families at UP last week that I'd love to find more colleges outside of Portland who host families for a weekend. Please share any information you have.

LeeAnn Gauthier

[email protected]

[email protected] (Studio Gauthier) Portland Photographer University of Portland family Portraits family portrait photographer family weekends Wed, 20 Feb 2013 02:01:50 GMT
Pianist I had the pleasure of photographing concert pianist Arnaldo Cohen at Sherman Clay Pianos in Portland during the week of Sukkot. He flew in from Indiana and met at Sherman Pianos. My silly chicken dance gave the board members a good chuckle, which then made their brow furrow. And I'd just finished airbrushing 6 furrowed brows on the Oregon Jewish Community Fund Board members two weeks earlier.

[email protected] (Studio Gauthier) Thu, 18 Oct 2012 00:09:47 GMT